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Brussel is a 10-part series which is mainly set behind the scenes of the European political arena. In this multi-thread story, all the characters are on their way to Brussels, or live there. It is a place of power and impotence, of love and betrayal, of dreams and bitterness. After many years,...

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Brussel2017bnl dvd
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De achtjarige Koos wil graag op zijn imposante, blonde vader lijken. Eenvoudig is dat echter niet, aangezien hij is geadopteerd uit Peru en dus klein en donker is. Dan ziet hij voor de supermarkt een Peruaanse jongen die vreemde muziek staat te maken. Zo komt hij erachter dat ook hij van...

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Deindiaanbfr dvd
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A young dropout falls in love with a slightly older nightclub dancer and he gives up his social live with his comrads. But then Thera suddenly disappears and leaves Berry alone with his obsessive but unanswered love which drives him crazy...

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Oestersbfr dvd
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