Florence Quentin


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Gérard is fed up with being considered a sucker by his in-laws. He dumps everything and leaves to set up a garage in village nestled deep in the heart of Gâtinais.
Opposite his garage, there is a charming inn, run by Barbara: a magnificent, disconcerting, mysterious, and unpredictable woman....

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Bonnepomme2017bfr dvd

On peut être un couple de bons Français, toujours amoureux, parents modèles, travailleurs et économes jusqu'à la manie et écouler au noir dans le sous-sol de sa villa de Béziers hyper sécurisée, des godasses de son ancien magasin et des produits " satisfaits ou remboursés " qu'on...

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Leurmoraleetlanotrebfr dvd
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Ramon Holgado is the driver of a business leader, François Veber. He is also his confidant, his partner of golf and the alibi of his escapades. His wife Carmen, the cooker of Veber, dreams to set out again under the sun of Andalusia with her Ramon and to be the smartest woman of Seville thanks...

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Olebfr dvd
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A chubby forty-ish florist is dumped for a gorgeous young woman. She decides to lose weight and to ruin her rival's life in order to win her handsome lover back.

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Jaifaimbfr dvd
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