Marion Laine


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Jeanne works in a maternity yard in Marseille. Day and night, she struggles with her colleagues to support the mothers and their babies.

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Voirlejour2020bfr dvd
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Mila and Javier are both heart surgeons. Married for then years, they have two passions: their love and their job. But Mila unexpectedly becomes pregnant, and the perspective of a baby undermines the balance of their relationship. Javier's penchant for alcohol then becomes a genuine threat...

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Acoeurouvertbuk dvd
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Unable to forget her first love, Félicité, a simple and kind maid, devotes herself completely to her new master, Mathilde Aubain. As the passing of time doesn't heal her wounds, she gives love to all those who surround her: Mathilde's children, her nephew Victor. But fate seems to always deny...

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Uncoeursimplebfr dvd
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