Romain Lévy


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Ruben, Durex and Nora are three students in their last year of college. Ruben has already failed his exams once due to his lack of self-confidence. He's been as useless with Nora, to whom he dares not confess his feelings. And his childhood friend Durex, the most embarrassing guy in the world, is...

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Gangsterdam2017bfr dvd
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En plein échec professionnel et sentimental, Ben, qui se rêvait comique à New York, est de retour à Paris. Il rencontre Alex, présentateur vedette du "Breakfast Club", le Morning star de la radio. Avec Cyril, un quadra mal assumé, et Arnold, le leader charismatique de la bande, ils font la...

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Radiostarsbfr dvd
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