20.000 titles in DVD and Blu-ray
delivered to your home


Choose your movies

use your prepaid envelope to return your movies

just drop it in any red mailbox from the Post

movies are returned within 24 hours


Receive them by mail
within 24h

movies are shipped in a secured envelope designed for discs

they arrive in your mailbox within 24 hours


Return with prepaid

l'enveloppe que vous avez reçue sert aussi à renvoyer les DVD

il suffit de la déposer dans n'importe quelle boîte aux lettres de la Poste

un catalogue très étendu des grands films du cinéma

les films nous parviennent dans les 24h

Advantages of DVD and Blu-ray mail delivery

extremely large catalog

keep the discs up to 1 month without any additional cost

envelopes are customized to fit any mailbox

great service since 2002