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DVDPost respects and protects your privacy. We appreciate the trust you place in us and we treat your personal information with the uttermost caution and secrecy.

We gather personal information to be able to serve you as quickly and as good as possible. The gathered information can be used to take your personal taste into account. DVDPost respects the Belgian law of 8 december 1992 regarding the protection of privacy when gathering personal information and also takes into account the modifications to the law from 11 december 1998. This law dictates that the person must agree to the gathering of the personal information, dat the gathered information is relevant and that is clearly stated why the personal information is needed. The person whose personal information has been gathered is free to access his information and to remove it. De law also states that the automatic gathering of personal information needs to be declared at the Commission of protection of privacy.

Personal information

What information is being asked? Why is it needed?
When you subscribe to our website, we ask of you the following information:
  • -Your e-mail address to keep you informed of possible changes to your subscription, news about our service, promotions and so on.
  • -Your first name and family name
  • -Your phone number in order to call you back in case you chose the activation by telephone or in case we need to contact you urgently regarding your subscription.
  • -Your birth date to verify you are over 18 years old.
  • -Your home address in order to be able to send you DVDs.
  • -Your payment information for the monthly subscription costs or as warranty during a free trial. Your account will not be debited during a free trial.

We use the your rental history to offer you a more personalised service by suggesting movies or giving you information which will be relevant to your taste. You can always choose not to receive this information. You can do this in "my account".

We can also use the gathered information to send you promotions that might interest you. This can be by email or by traditional post. You can also choose not to receive this information. You can do this in "my account" or contact us by mail via

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