Les Nouvelles Aventures de Cendrillon (2017)

Comedy, French

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Les Nouvelles Aventures de Cendrillon (2017) dvd


It's Julie's birthday, but she seems to be the only one who's remembered it... Until Marco, the man with whom she's secretly in love, calls her and tells her that his going to drop off his son at her place because there's been a hitch with his babysitter. Julie is shattered. Everyone thinks she's a doormat. Alone with this particularly obnoxious little boy, Julie decides to tell him the tale of Cinderella... or almost.Julie turns into Cinderella and Marco into a handsome Prince. Many shifts back and forth between the tale and reality will punctuate this tale that the little boy will develop according to his moods, without forgetting to humiliate Julie in the process. Julie examines her own personal story alongside the fantasy and she understands to what degree she's in love with a pipe dream and was blind to the man who was right for her.

Directed by :

Lionel Steketee


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FR FR all 88 Min 16/9 compatible 4/3 Dolby Digital France