Mektoub My Love : Canto Uno (2017)

Comedy, Romance

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Mektoub My Love : Canto Uno (2017) dvd


Amin, an aspiring screenwriter and photographer, returns to his hometown, a fishing village in the south of France, after living a year in Paris. He spends his time hopping from beach to beach and from bar to bar, finding his childhood friends and chasing new encounters. The summer lights of the Mediterranean coast guide his quest for love, as he hopes to live a passionate romance like in the movies. Surrounded by his loving family, who sometimes helps and often hinders, Amin searches to find his own way. Inspiration comes in the form of many female characters who enchant him, but when it comes to love only the mektoub ("destiny" in Arabic) can decide. This coming-of-age saga set in 1994 casts a nostalgic glow on losing the innocence of youth.

Directed by :

Abdellatif Kechiche


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FR NL all 175 Min 16/9 (2:35) compatible 4/3 Dolby Digital France