Waldstille (2016)


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Waldstille  (2016) dvd


After serving prison for causing the death of his girlfriend, Ben returns home, confronting his parents in law who are taking care of his little daughter. Ben lives in the village of Waldstille with his girlfriend Tinka and their little daughter Cindy. After a night of partying, Ben causes a car accident which is fatal for Tinka and he is sent to prison. When Ben returns home, Tinka's parents have become the guardians for Cindy. They are embittered, holding Ben responsible for Tinka's death. Ben wants to be in his daughter's life, but he has a hard time accomplishing that. As soon as Ben sees his chance, he runs off with Cindy.

Directed by :

Martijn Maria Smits


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NL 12 90 Min 16/9 compatible 4/3 Dolby Digital Netherlands