A Son (2019)


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A Son (2019) dvd


When driving home from southern Tunisia, Fares and Meriem's car is hit by a stray bullet during an ambush by an armed group; their young son Aziz's liver is punctured. At a local hospital, the need for a transplant uncovers a secret that risks Aziz's life should a donor not be found in time. But this is only the beginning of the unexpected twists in a story so deftly crafted that it offers both a probing look at Tunisian society's anchored social and legal realities, and an unshakable need to ask yourself what you would do in the same situation. As their world falls apart, the subtleties of the couple's shifting emotions are handled masterfully, heralding Mehdi Barsaoui as a bold new talent to watch.

Directed by :

Mehdi Barsaoui


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AR FRNL 12 95 Min 16/9 compatible 4/3 Dolby Digital Tunisia

Venice Film Festival 2019
Best Actor - Sami Bouajila