Just Getting Started (2017)

Comedy, American, Crime

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Just Getting Started (2017) dvd


Defense lawyer Duke, who once defended the heads of the world's most dangerous criminal teams, now manages the luxury resort Villa Capri in Palm Springs, California. Leo, a former FBI agent, arrives at the resort and repeatedly beats Duke at every competition. As manager of the resort, Duke is initially threatened by the newcomer's activities with the ladies and competitive nature. Their competition even extends to a rivalry over Suzie, the regional director of the resort chain. During the competitions Duke's life is put in danger multiple times and he realizes that the mafia has found him and is attempting to kill him. Duke and Leo must work together to defeat the mafia and save Duke's life during the Christmas season at Villa Capri..

Directed by :

Ron Shelton


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EN NL 6 94 Min 16/9 compatible 4/3 Dolby Digital United States