The August Virgin (2019)


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The August Virgin (2019) dvd


On the cusp of turning thirty-three, charming and soft-spoken Eva makes an unorthodox decision. Unlike the majority of her fellow Madrileños, as the otherwise bustling-with-people city of Madrid shuts down for August, the hottest and loneliest month of the year, Eva decides to spend the entire period in the stifling metropolis in search of an opportunity. As a result, yearning for change and to rediscover herself, Eva meanders through the city's streets that teem with seasonal festivals and religious festivities for the Holy Virgin, filling languid days of summer ennui with visits to museums, old friends, and familiar places. Now, all that Eva needs is a revelation to wipe the slate clean and start afresh. Will Eva find answers in her intimate journey of soul-searching on the hot month of August?

Directed by :

Jonás Trueba


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ES FR all 129 Min 16/9 compatible 4/3 (1.85) Dolby Digital Spain